Tentative Approval of Crossbow Expansion

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The Board of Game Commissioners gave preliminary approval to the use of crossbows during the statewide firearms seasons for deer, bear and elk, as well as in special regulations areas during archery seasons. Legislation made crossbows available to certain hunters with qualifying medical disabilities in 1991. Those medical limitations were broadened in 1993. Today, about 28,000 Pennsylvanians have crossbow permits. In 2001, the Game Commissioners permitted hunters to use crossbows in special regulations counties during the regular and special firearms deer seasons.

Crossbows are not permitted to be used during the early and post-Christmas archery seasons outside Special Regulations Areas. In addition, crossbows must have a draw weight of not less than 125 pounds, nor more than 200 pounds. All crossbow bolts must be tipped with a broadhead of cutting-edge design.

This crossbow proposal must be approved at a subsequent Board meeting before taking effect.