Tennessee's Last Elk Permit Auctioned on E-Bay

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The final permit for participation in Tennessee's third managed elk hunt will go to the successful bidder in an eBay auction from July 14-23. Proceeds from the auction benefit the state's elk restoration program.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) again donated a permit to a Non-Governmental Organization to join four others who were selected from a computer drawing. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation (TWRF) is the recipient of this year's donated special take permit.

The TWRF will award its permit to the successful high bidder through the eBay auction. The successful bidder will participate in the hunt along with Richard R. Rutherford of Walland, Terrell S. Holt of Columbia, John Mark Alston of Knoxville, and Jody A. Moore of Loudon who were announced as winners of the drawing during the June meeting of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission.

The 2011 Tennessee Elk Hunt will be held Monday, Oct. 17 through Friday, Oct. 21 at the North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area in East Tennessee. The North Cumberland WMA will be divided into five elk hunting zones (EHZ). Each hunter will be designated an EHZ in a drawing to be conducted at a later date at a TWRA Region IV location.

All proceeds from the sale of the remaining special bull elk tag will go exclusively to the elk restoration program. The TWRF is partnering with Bill Swan, an active member of the Chattanooga Chapter of Safari Club International (SCI), on the promotion and sale of the last elk tag.

More information concerning the hunt will be listed in the EBay auction. Search "Tennessee Elk Permit" on EBay to find the listing. TWRF is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting habitat conservation, an ethic of land stewardship, and Tennessee's hunting and fishing heritage for the benefit of TWRA and Tennessee's outdoor enthusiasts.


hunter25's picture

I'm sure I will never put in

I'm sure I will never put in for nay of these eastern elk hunts as the odds are too steep and I just see no need when I live in the heart of elk country right here at home. I have seen a few other tags put up on ebay over the last couple of years but although I know they go for a lot of money I always forget to go back and check to see what the final amount was. Hopefully the bidding goes crazy and they get a bunch of useful money for thier programs. If thier gonna sell it this way I hope it goes big.

Ca_Vermonster's picture

Between Tennessee and

Between Tennessee and Kentucky, they have been monumental success stories in terms of elk reintroduction.  I have always wanted to get in on a hunt out there, and try and get my Dad to put in too since it's a driveable distance for him.

However, this last tag that is being auctioned on ebay, is going to go for one heck of an amount, definately out of my pay range.  It's great that it goes back into the wildlife, but I will just have to take my chances with the general draw, and fight the 10,00o other people who put in for tags... lol

It will be interesting to see the final bid.