Tennessee WRA Finalizes 2008-09 Seasons

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The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission has finalized the 2008-09 state hunting seasons.

The 2008-09 big game seasons will only feature a few changes to last year's regulations. Due to the odd calendar year, there will now be a nine-day first segment of the muzzleloader season running from Nov. 1-9.

Most other changes were small adjustments in regulations to either increase antlerless harvest or simplify regulations. Two counties, Obion and Shelby were placed into Unit L, while 21 Unit A and B counties saw slight increases in their antlerless hunting opportunities. The commission also approved that Unit L Young Sportsman hunters have the same opportunity to harvest three does per day as the rest of the Unit L hunters.

In other house cleaning items, the commission made it easier for Unit A and L hunters to take their statewide limit of three bucks by allowing all three bucks to be taken with the same weapon in the same unit. For a number of years it has been legal for hunters to harvest three bucks with the same weapon, they simply had to hunt in different units. The new regulation simplifies regulations for the Unit A and L hunters. Clarifications were also made of bonus animals, youth accompaniment, and legal antler points.

In other big game news, there will be only minor adjustments to bear and boar seasons, with most changes involving increases in harvest opportunities, especially as it pertains to archery season.

There were slight expansions in the fall turkey seasons with East Tennessee adding a few counties to the fall hunting list. It was also approved that the 2009 spring turkey season begin March 28 with the Young Sportsman hunt one week before.

Tim Singleton was honored as the TWRA Boating Office of the Year. Singleton, a Putnam County officer, covers Dale Hollow and Center Hill lakes among his duties.


  • * Added two days to the muzzleloader season so that the 1st segment runs from November 1-9, 2008 in all deer units.
  • * Add Shelby and Obion county to Unit L
  • * Increase antlerless gun opportunities in: Anderson, Benton, Blount, Carter, Chester, Claiborne, Fentress, Grainger, Greene, Hamblen, Hancock, Hawkins, Henderson, Jefferson, Johnson, Knox, Loudon, Meigs, Sevier, Sullivan, Tipton.
  • * Remove the Jackson county quota hunt.
  • * Allow Unit L Young Sportsman hunters the same opportunity of harvesting three does per day as the rest of the hunters.
  • * Allow Unit L and A hunters to harvest all three bucks with the same weapon in their unit of choice. They no longer have to switch units to harvests their three bucks.
  • * Add Polk county (East of Hwy. 411 & North of Hwy. 64) to the Oct 18-19 feral hog hunt with dogs.
  • * Add Polk county (East of Hwy. 411 & North of Hwy. 64) to the Oct 6-7 and 18-19 black bear hunt with dogs.
  • * Extend the bear archery still hunt from September 27 – October 24.
  • * Increase fall turkey hunting opportunities in Anderson, Benton, Blount, Davidson, Knox, Moore, and White counties
  • * Set the 2009 Spring Turkey opener for March 28, 2009 (Young Sportsman March 21-22).
  • * Defined a legal antler point as a projection of at least one inch long, measured from the tip of the point to the nearest edge of the beam, following the mid-line of the tine.
  • * Clarified bonus animals and youth accompaniment requirements.