Tennessee WRA: Clarification Made Concerning Archery Turkey Harvest

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The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is making a clarification as there have been several inquiries concerning the harvest of wild turkeys in counties that have a fall turkey gun season.

Archers are allowed to harvest one turkey during the archery-only deer season in each of the counties listed that have a fall turkey gun season. (A list of counties that have a fall turkey season is located on page 40 of the 2011 Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide).
The TWRA suggests all archery hunters obtain a 2011 Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide. The guides are available where hunting and fishing licenses are sold and on the TWRA website, www.tnwildlife.org.


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  A perfect scenario for


A perfect scenario for amendments to the regulations to be made.  The Tennessee general public needs to speak up and have the WRA amend their regulations so to clear up any confusion.  A published article is a great added communcation to assist in the clarrification of the existing regulation but having clear and concise wording within the written and/or published regulations within the first place is needed so as to not generate a possible honest law-abiding hunter that inadvertently breaks the law due to ambiguity in the regulation. Also so if there exists the ability to harvest then the regulation is clear and more hunters take advantage of the allowance. 


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Glad there clearing stuff up

Glad there clearing stuff up for people. Nothing like thinking your not doing anything wrong and next thing you know your getting a ticket. I really can't stand confusing regulations. The agencies should make them as clear as possible so people can understand them and not put themselfs in a bad situation.