Tennessee WRA Adds "Trophy Room"

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Sportsmen can now share their trophy harvest or catch with the world by sending a photograph and information to the new Wildcast Trophy Room, located on the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency's Web site tnwildlife.org under the Wildcast icon located in the right margin or at tnwildcast.com

Sportsmen are invited to send a photo and some details, including the county the harvest was made, photographed, or caught to: tnwildlife@mac.com. Please include a brief description of the trophy, including size and other notes of interest. Examples of the photographs and write-ups may be seen at tnwildcast.com. All submissions must be made electronically. No mailed entries can be accepted.

By submitting your photo, sportsmen are granting the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency permission for its unlimited use on the TWRA Web site. By making a submission, sportsmen also affirm that all game or fish photographed were taken under the rules of fair chase. The new feature by TWRA offers a great way to share an outdoor adventure with the world. The TWRA reserves the right to refuse the use of any photo inappropriate for this site.

Tnwildcast.com began with the production of TWRA's podcasts. Outdoor enthusiasts can subscribe to TWRA Wildcasts by clicking on the button on the Wildcast Web site. The Wildcasts are mini-movies that feature various aspects of TWRA and the Tennessee outdoors. It is free. And, it's a great way to learn all about Tennessee's wildlife, fisheries, boating and ways to make the most of time outdoors.