Tennessee Adds Online Hunter Education Course

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Tennessee is the first state to adopt the HunterExam.com 'required study' course. The new HunterExam online course allows students to complete coursework online before attending required hands-on classroom training to obtain their Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) hunter education certificate.

Since all persons born on or after Jan. 1, 1969 must satisfactorily complete a hunter education course before obtaining a Tennessee hunting license, HunterExam.com projects an engaging and effective way of preparing future hunters.

"We commend TWRA for being the first state to implement the HunterExam 'required study' course process," said Kerry Moher, vice president of HunterExam.com. "A number of other state agencies plan to introduce HunterExam to their hunting public later this spring."

Randy Huskey, TWRA Hunter Education Administrator, emphasized the fact that instructor-led Field Days remain a crucial part of the HunterExam process. "The online course is a convenient method for students to complete the required course sections and chapter quizzes at home so more hands-on training can be conducted at the Field Day," said Huskey.

With an emphasis on safety, the HunterExam.com program focuses on reducing hunting accidents through coursework presented in a narrative fashion with more than 350 original illustrations, 30 interactive exercises followed by review questions and discussion points. Students also have access to HunterExam.com's industry exclusive toll-free customer service help line from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. (central), seven days a week, as well as its online live chat customer service feature.

The HunterExam.com Web site has a cost involved as the student will have to pay $24.95 to print out the field day voucher. The field day voucher is a certificate that grants the student admission to a TWRA field day. The student must attend a field day in order to become certified.

Students may visit the HunterExam.com Web site at any time and view the site free of charge. If a student decides to take the HunterExam.com course, he or she must log in to the site and will be prompted to create a user name and password. At this time the HunterExam.com Web site begins tracking the student.

The student must spend the required amount of time on each page. The required amount of time is based upon how long it takes to read the text on the page. In addition to the text being printed on the page a narrator reads each page to the student.

The student completes each page in sequence and takes chapter exams that are based upon the chapter material and the Tennessee Hunter Education final exam. After completing all the chapters, the student is then prompted to proceed to the exam center of the HunterExam.com Web site. At this time the student will be required to pay the $24.95 in order to print out the field day voucher.

The student is then given more information on obtaining field day dates and locations in Tennessee. The student is also reminded that the field day voucher is not a hunter education graduate certificate. It is merely a voucher that allows the student to attend a TWRA field day.

In addition, HunterExam.com offers the only treestand safety course based on the latest guidelines developed by the Treestand Manufacturers Association. This new fully interactive, narrative course effectively engages students and is only 15 minutes long. The course is free to anyone with an Internet connection. For more information visit: www.tnwildlife.org or www.hunterexam.com/usa/tennessee/a>.