Teens Confess to Deer Poaching

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Two Clarke County men pleaded guilty on Nov. 8, to using a rifle to kill four buck deer, removing the heads and leaving the remains in the field in Lucas and Clarke counties.

Cody Wright, 18, confessed to killing three bucks and Brian Pollard, 19, confessed to killing one. They were each charged with wanton waste of deer, taking a deer with a rifle and illegal transportation of deer.

Wright was assessed $435 in fines and $8,000 in liquidated damages. Pollard was assessed $435 in fines and $4,000 in liquidated damages. The DNR seized four sets of antlers and two rifles.

Pollard will perform 80 hours of community service to reduce his liquidated damages by $2,000. Wright will perform 160 hours of community service lowering his liquidated damages to $4,000.

The men requested a hearing to have their rifles returned.


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I'm not even sure what

I'm not even sure what liquidated damages means but it does not seem that the penalty is all that severe once again for poaching. I wonder how these kids were brought up to show absolutely no respect for the animals they were killing. It's not just that they killed illegally but did not even recover the meat. That is as bad as it gets and they should not be able to hunt for a very long time to drive home the seriousness of what they did.