Supreme Court Hears McDonald vs City of Chicago Case

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Tuesday's Supreme Court oral arguments in the case of Otis McDonald, et. al, versus the City of Chicago were not a Heller rematch. They were the next logical step in establishment of the base of legal precedents that will finally decide if the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States is really an individual right that may not be regulated out of existence by state or municipal governments.

On the surface, McDonald, et al, v. Chicago, et. al is set to answer a question that sounds simple: does the Second Amendment apply to state, county and local governments the way it does to the federal government?

For nearly 220 years, the lower governments have taken the position that the Second Amendment was a collective right -applicable to militias, not individuals.

In essence, they have ignored the individual right to firearms possession through the passage of firearms laws that range from unreasonable to ridiculous.

In this morning's edition of The Shooting Wire, Jim Shepherd, who attended the Supreme Court arguments yesterday, writes on the case, the arguments, and the likely development of another major firearms case. You can read the entire report at