Star Valley Resident Bags Record Mountain Goat

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Brian Tallerico received some very good news in the spring of 2010 when he was notified by the Game and Fish that he had drawn a mountain goat license for Hunt Area 2 near Jackson. Odds of drawing a goat license for that area in 2010 were nearly one in 200.

Tallerico, an orthopaedic surgeon in Star Valley, is an experienced hunter and has hunted sheep and goats all over the west. He had previously bagged a goat in Canada that scored 50 which is the Boone and Crockett minimum for the record book. Scoring is done by length and circumference measurements of each horn.

After several summer scouting trips into the country he wanted to hunt, he made his initial hunting trip into the Wolf Creek drainage portion of his area on Oct. 4. By that time the season had been open for more than a month. Tallerico saw 8-10 goats on the way in and later spotted his record book goat from a distance of about a mile. After closing to within 100 yards of the billy, he knew it compared very favorably to the one he had bagged in Canada. His trophy scored 51-2/8 which is the largest goat on record for Wyoming.

Wyoming has had goat hunts for a number of years, but most goats taken have scored between 46 and 49. Wyoming has three mountain goat hunt areas, and this year, issued 24 permits between the three areas. The mountain goat license is a once-in-a-lifetime license in Wyoming.


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One in 200 is quite a long

One in 200 is quite a long shot on drawing a tag and I congratulate the man on being persistent and drawing the tag. It looks like he did his homework and scouting and it really paid off for him. Not only did he get his goat but set a new state record as well. I doubt I would have passed up the others that I saw so as to hold out for one the size that he finally got. I have always known that Wyoming had a goat season but did not realize how limited it was. With only 24 tags being issued there is very little hunting opportunity up there. The unit here in Colorado I hunted in had nearly double thaqt many and it still took me over 15 years to draw out. But unlike the man in this article I was not able to close the deal.

Hopefully I will one day draw the tag again and start climbing back to the mountain tops.