Stag Arms Releases Improved Model 3

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Stag Arms is proud to release its new and improved Model 3. The Model 3 is Stag's optic ready carbine and is currently one of its best sellers - and retailing at just $895, you can certainly see why.

Customers purchasing the new Model 3 can expect to bid farewell to the original thermomolded handguard and say hello to the Diamondhead V-RS (Versa-Rail System). The Diamondhead V-RS is the ONLY modular Mil-Spec Drop-in handguard platform that can be used with or without accessory rails. As its name implies, the V-RS is the most adaptable drop-in handguard currently offered for the M4/AR15. This allows for complete customization to the user's specific applications and requirements. In addition, the V-RS can be accessorized with short and/or full length Picatinny rail tracks or fitted with full length smooth "bumpers" that provide an ergonomically contoured handguard. The V-RS is designed for fast configuration changes and easy modification to the platform, as the user's accessory needs evolve or change.

The new Model 3 ships complete with the versa rail base at no additional cost to the customer (a savings of over $100) and remains competitively priced at $895. It is now available for purchase and all of its accessories are available for aftermarket purchase.

Stag Arms sales representatives can be contacted directly via phone at 860-229-9994. Additional information can be found by visiting


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might be a real good choice

I am really not a fan of any Armalite style rifle and have never been fond of the diminutive 223 cartridge but, an AR style carbine retailing at $895 sounds like a bargain to me so long as it is reliable.  I do not consider 223 a viable deer hunting cartridge.  Yes I know that 223 CAN kill deer and that plenty of deer HAVE been killed with it but 5.56 is about half the diameter I want in an exit wound.  So my last deer was taken with a 375 H&H and I hope to take my next with a .500 black powder express.  No it isn’t that I think a large cartridge makes up for poor shooting.  I understand that shot placement is everything but I don’t hunt with small cartridges for the same reason that I don’t hunt with archery tackle.  I am of the opinion that when you put a hole in an animal, they should fall down – right there on the spot without taking a step.  I have lost a wounded deer after tracking it into a swampy myriad of heavily travelled deer paths.  I never want to lose another.  If I never have to track one, I shouldn’t have to worry about it.  That’s my theory anyway and I’m sticking to it.  Still – if you want a 223 plinker for tin cans or even for varmint hunting on up to fox and coyote size, the Stag Arms carbine looks like it might be a good choice for you.  6.8 is certainly better than 223 Hunter25, but its still on the small side for my taste.  Yes I know Jack O’Connor’s theories on velocity, but I am in the Elmer Keith school of thought that prefers large projectiles over fast little pills.  But - to each their own though – so if you are in the market for an AR carbine – this one looks like it might be a real good choice to check out!

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I just read and commented on

I just read and commented on the other review of Stag rifles and have to say that these things look really good for the money. To get as many features as this rifle has and the good reviews it's getting for under 900 dollars seems like an amazingly good deal.

I would like to see them come out with sommething bigger nut may take a hard look at the 6.8 that they have available. 5.56 is great but like something a little bigger for big game hunting.