Sportsmen Against Hunger Crusade

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Department of Natural Resources Director Brent Manning announced today that the Illinois Sportsmen Against Hunger Program will begin the One Million Meals Crusade.

Since the Sportsmen Against Hunger Program began, 89,819 pounds of deer meat have been donated, providing approximately 359,276 meals of venison.

"Just one deer can provide as many as 200 servings of venison," Manning said. "With the continued generosity of hunters and participating meat processors we will reach our goal of one million meals."

Anyone who donates the $35 processing cost for one deer through March 2, 2002 will be given a chance to win an autographed copy of the book "All Things Possible" by St. Louis Rams quarterback Kurt Warner.

Hunters donate their deer to participating meat processors who grind the venison into two pound packages. Volunteers from charities pick up the processed meat and distribute it to needy families through food pantries, ministries, bread lines and similar means. The $35 processing cost of each deer is payed for by the Illinois Conservation Foundation through donations from hunters, organizations, businesses and private individuals.

"Food banks tell us that the donation of meat is infrequent and always appreciated. Many Illinoisans are facing difficult times this winter. We can help families during their time of need with the addition of this nutritious source of protein in their diet," said John Schmitt, Executive Director of the Illinois Conservation Foundation.

One Million Meals Crusade winners will be drawn on March 3, 2002 and announced at the Illinois Deer and Turkey Classic in Bloomington March 3. Entry forms are available at IDNR regional offices and several other locations. Anyone interested in participating in the One Million Meals Crusade should contact the IDNR at 217/782-4963.


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I don't hear nearly as much

I don't hear nearly as much about these programs anymore and I wonder why. Are they still going just as strong as they used to or have things like cwd or anti hunting pressure put an end to them? More information and updates would be nice and I would really have liked these programs to have expanded to more areas and states as I thought they would when I first learned about them such a long time ago. I give a lot of meat away to friends and family myself but I'm sure many others would be willing to donate if they just had somewhere to take it.

Good job though on the many people who have been helped thus far.