Special Opportunity Turkey Hunt Permits

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Special-Opportunity Spring Turkey Hunts are custom-made for sportsmen yearning for an Osceola turkey. All hunt areas are in the Osceola turkey’s range. They are a highly prized subspecies of turkey, which occur only in peninsular Florida. These hunts pair up large areas of land loaded with turkeys with a low number of hunters.

Hunters interested in going on one of these hunts can apply now. Applications are on the FWC’s special-opportunity hunt Web site at MyFWC.com/soh (click on “2004-2005 Spring Turkey Application”) and at FWC regional offices. A random drawing will determine who will receive the limited number of permits.

Demand for the hunts is usually greater than the number of available permits. Hunters can submit as many applications as they want to increase their odds; however, each application requires a $5 nonrefundable application fee for each person named on the application. Applications must arrive at FWC’s Tallahassee office by U.S. mail or a licensed delivery service by 4:30 p.m. Oct. 15 to be included in the random drawing. Faxes and hand-deliveries are not accepted.

If selected, hunters will pay an additional $50 - $175, depending on the special-opportunity hunt area selected. Selection rules limit out-of-state participants to one permit per hunt. Non-residents should not apply as a group, since only one non-resident per hunt can be selected.