Special Licenses for Youngsters with Life-Threatening Illnesses

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Many dream of hunting one of Wyoming’s exclusive, very sought-after elk, deer or antelope areas. For young hunters with a life-threatening illness that dream has leaped closer to being fulfilled.

Resident and nonresident youngsters 12-18 years old with a life-threatening illness can apply for a special drawing for five elk licenses and 10 deer and antelope licenses for any hunt area in Wyoming.

The youngster needs to be sponsored by a certifiable non-profit organization, who pays the established youth license fee. A sworn statement from a licensed physician attesting to the youngster’s life-threatening illness is also required.

The Game and Fish Commission had a very short time frame to enact this law, which just went into effect July 1. To get these deserving youngsters into the field this fall, the commission established an Aug. 1 application deadline for the special hunt. Since Aug. 1 falls on a Sunday this year, applications will be accepted through Monday Aug. 2. All leftover licenses will be awarded first-come, first-served as applications are received.

“ I hand it to the Wyoming Legislature for having the foresight and compassion to extend this opportunity to these deserving youngsters,” said Scott Talbott, G&F assistant Wildlife Division chief.

The special drawing will award the licenses in the same resident/nonresident percentages as the standard drawings: 80/20 for deer and antelope and 84/16 for elk, which will be four resident and one nonresident elk license.

Qualifying young hunters are eligible for the special drawing even if they drew a license for the same species in the standard drawing. All hunters must have passed hunter education.

Under the same guidelines, qualifying hunters 18 and under can also apply for 10 spring turkey licenses. March 1 is the application deadline. There is no minimum age requirement for turkey licenses as long as the youngster has passed hunter education.

Applications for the special youth drawings are available from the G&F’s Cheyenne Office by calling (800) 842-1934 or (307) 777-4600 out of state.