Special Buck License Valid For Any Deer

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Game, Fish and Parks officials say South Dakota’s 2005 special buck licenses have been changed from "any buck" licenses to "any deer" licenses; however, the name of the license will remain unchanged.

"The original proposal was to change the ‘special buck’ license title to ‘special any deer,’" said GFP Wildlife Program Administrator Tony Leif. "However, to avoid confusion, the Game, Fish and Parks Commission decided to retain the original name for the license." Leif added that changing the license type will give special buck license holders the option of shooting any deer they choose, which adds the option of harvesting an antlerless deer.

"The change will result in an insignificant harvest on antlerless deer, as hunters with this license are typically pursuing trophy buck deer," Leif said.

Licenses available include 400 West River resident "any deer" licenses, 400 West River nonresident "any deer" licenses and 400 East River resident "any deer" licenses.

Special buck licenses are valid on private land only (excluding Walk-In areas) during the respective West and East River deer seasons, which are established in June and July.