South Dakota Women's Try-it Day - June 25th

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Kayaking and archery are two sports women often say they've never tried. The Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls, S.D., has an event set aside for women to try these two sports, and more.

The third annual Women's Try-It Day is 9 a.m. to 12 noon on Saturday, June 25. The event is free and no pre-registration is required.

"We want women to try all the outdoor activities they've always wanted to try," Thea Miller Ryan, Outdoor Campus director, said. "We have many activities set up to be fun and non-intimidating. Last year we had lots of girlfriend trips planned around the event and the ladies had a great time."

Participants can try paddling, archery, geocaching, bb guns and outdoor cooking, all lead by trained and certified instructors.

"It's a drop in event -- stay for a half hour or stay for all three hours," Ryan said. "Bring your sunscreen, bug spray and wear clothes you can get dirty."

For more information, call The Outdoor Campus at 605-362-2777.


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That's the spirit, teach them

That's the spirit, teach them outdoor cooking!!! Wink

Just kidding.  It's actually a pretty good thing.  I have heard in recent years that overall numbers of hunting license sales are declining, but the only increase we're seeing is with women.  More and more are getting into the sport.

Kudos to South dakota for doing this.  They have similar programs here in California.  Right down the road they have a couple women's hunts for pheasant, as well as kid and family hunts.

The more we can do to expand our "base", the better!