South Dakota Reduces Elk Permits for 2010 Season

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The number of licenses available this year for elk hunters in South Dakota has been trimmed by the state Game, Fish and Parks Commission, which has also finalized the Archery, Black Hills and Prairie Elk hunting seasons.

The Archery Elk season will see a reduction in elk licenses from 114 "any elk" and 71 "antlerless elk" licenses in 2009, to 96 "any elk" and 49 "antlerless elk" licenses this year.

The Black Hills Elk season will have a reduction of available licenses from 605 "any elk" and 760 "antlerless elk" licenses in 2009 to 495 "any elk" and 570 "antlerless elk" licenses in 2010.

The Prairie Elk season will see an increase in available tags from 45 "any elk" and 86 "antlerless elk" in 2009 to 50 "any elk" and 86 "antlerless elk" this year.

The GFP Commission also extended the 2010 Bighorn Sheep hunting season. The 2010 season will run from Sept. 1 to Dec. 31.

The Commission also made two changes to the 2010 Firearms Antelope season. Hunters will no longer be able to fill antelope tags during the West River Deer season. In addition, all unsold or unfilled tags at the conclusion of the Firearms Antelope season will be converted to "doe/kid" tags and be valid for nine consecutive days, beginning on the Saturday after Christmas.