South Dakota Private Land Hunting Available

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An opportunity for hunters interested in finding places to hunt antlerless deer can be accessed at the S.D. Game, Fish and Parks Department Web site.

"Each year, GFP staff members are contacted by landowners looking to host antlerless deer hunters," said GFP Wildlife Damage Management Program Administrator Art Smith. "Usually the landowners are looking for youth hunters, but requests for other types of hunters have been received as well. This Web program allows the landowners to contact potential hunters directly."

Hunters who are looking for private land on which to hunt antlerless deer add their names, contact information and up to three counties where they are interested in hunting to a Web-based list. That list can then be accessed by landowners who directly contact the hunters to come out and hunt on their lands. Hunters interested in entering their information on this list must already hold, or be willing to obtain, licenses in the areas they list as willing to hunt.

The landowners will be able to choose which license types they would be willing to have hunt on their land and the county where their land is located. Once selected, the system produces a list of hunters that match the landowner’s selection.

"We hope this program can answer the question asked of GFP each year by hunters: 'Where can I find private lands to hunt antlerless deer?' and another question asked by landowners: 'I'm looking for antlerless deer hunters to hunt my lands, do you know of anyone?'" Smith added, "We still believe the best ways to develop hunter/landowner relationships are through knocking on doors and talking with people. However, we also realize that times have changed and hope this program will help make those initial contacts easier."

Information about the program can be accessed on the department's deer Web page at