South Carolina DNR Hunting Survey

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The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is researching the possibility of making changes to South Carolina's recreational hunting and fishing licenses. Before we recommend any changes to the South Carolina General Assembly, we want your opinions about the license changes. We are researching the possibility of a multi-year and an apprentice license.

SCDNR has heard from some hunters and anglers that they would prefer a license that is good for 365 days after the purchase date instead of a license that is good from July 1-June 30 every year. Unfortunately, SCDNR's state-appropriated funding has been cut more than 40% this fiscal year. Because of these huge budget cuts, it is not financially feasible to offer a 365-day license at this time. DNR staff will continue to look into this option in the future.

Please take a few moments to complete this on-line survey. After we compile survey results to determine what license changes are the most popular for hunters and anglers, we will take the recommendations to SCDNR Board for approval and if approved the recommendations will be sent to the General Assembly to try and encourage them to pass legislation to enact the suggested changes to the South Carolina hunting and fishing license structure.

The first license change possibility is creating a hunting and fishing license that would be valid for more than one year (a multi-year license). Please share with us your preferences for the possible multi-year license.

Please visit: to complete the survey.