South Carolina DNR Conducting Study of Apprentice Hunting Licenses

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The S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has partnered with Responsive Management, a Virginia-based research firm, on a study examining motivations for the purchases of Apprentice Hunting Licenses and the most important "next step" guidance needed for these license holders to become lifelong hunters.
DNR would like to notify 2010 Apprentice Hunting License holders that they may receive a telephone call from Responsive Management researchers, who will be surveying license holders over the next several weeks.  The survey will be conducted entirely by telephone and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.
Apprentice Hunting License holders in several other states will be contacted as part of the research study as well.
Responsive Management has been conducting textbook-quality research for natural resource and outdoor recreation organizations for 20 years, including substantial work for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. Responsive Management’s research has been upheld in U.S. District Courts, used in peer-reviewed journals, and presented at major natural resource and outdoor recreation conferences across the world.  The firm’s research has been featured in many of the nation’s top media, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and on the front pages of The Washington Post and USA Today.
For more information, please visit Responsive Management’s website, which provides extensive information on the firm’s research, methodologies, and qualifications.


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  The value of this survey


The value of this survey information is tremendous and will play an important role to any needed changes in the apprentice program.  Many states are going to some type of apprentice program with various incentives whether it be cost of the license or the number of apprentice licenses that can be purchased in a life time - or even allowing the apprenticed person to forego the state's hunter certification - as long as they hunt with a certified hunter.  These are all great programs for getting "newby" hunter's feet wet into the sport.  The thought behind the apprentice programs is that a percentage of these people will become licensed hunters in the future thus developing an incoming thread of new hunters and new revenue.

Apprentice hunters contacted - please take the time to participate!