South Dakota Hunting News

South Dakota Bowhunter Education Now Available Online
Bowhunter education in South Dakota just became more accessible.
South Dakota GFP Considers Mountain Lion Season
One of the management objectives of the S.D. Game, Fish and Parks Department is maintaining a sustainable population of mountain lions in the Black Hills.
South Dakota Mountain Lion Population Estimate Revised
Data indicates that South Dakota's mountain lion population in the Black Hills continues to be healthy.
South Dakota Elk Seasons Set
S.D. Game, Fish and Parks Commissioners finalized a variety of elk hunting seasons and endorsed changes in the rules governing landowner preference at their April meeting held at North Sioux City.
South Dakota Gray Wolf Delisted
As of March 12, the gray wolf was removed from the protection of the Endangered Species Act east of the Missouri River in South Dakota. This change resulted from the recent delisting of the western Great Lakes population of gray wolves by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
South Dakota Special Buck License Applications Available
Hunters looking forward to applying for a special buck license will now be able to take a look back at previous application numbers.
South Dakota has 10 Cases of Chronic Wasting Disease
Of 2,509 animals tested in South Dakota since July 1, 2006, three elk and seven deer have tested positive for chronic wasting disease.
South Dakotans Need to Buy New Annual Licenses for 2007
South Dakota's 2006 general hunting and fishing licenses expired on Jan. 31. Consequently, people taking advantage of the state’s hunting and fishing resources will need new licenses for 2007. The 2007 licenses are good through Jan. 31, 2008.
Michigan Gray Wolf Removed From Endangered Species List
As a result of a move by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to officially remove the gray wolf in the western Great Lakes region from the federal list of threatened and endangered species, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources now has the primary authority for managing wolves in the State.
South Dakota Mountain Lion Season was Quiet
South Dakota's second mountain lion hunting season was quieter than the inaugural 2005 season.