Some Nonresident Students Can Purchase Resident Licenses

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A law passed during the 2003 state legislature allows some out-of-state students attending college in North Dakota to purchase resident game and fish licenses.

Students must attend either a state or tribal college, and be from a state that is a member of the Midwest student or Western undergraduate exchange program. Students attending private colleges are not eligible.

Qualifying states are Minnesota, Michigan, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, California, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, South Dakota, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming.

The resident fee applies only to common, over-the-counter licenses such as fishing, small game, waterfowl, and archery deer and pronghorn. It does not apply to lottery licenses.

Licenses for qualifying students are issued only through the North Dakota Game and Fish Department's Bismarck office and website. To purchase a license online, access the department's website at