This September, Archers Post New Deer Harvest Record and 50 Percent Success Rate During Early Bull Elk Season in Kentucky

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It’s a September to remember.

Kentucky archers bagged a record number of deer and had better than a 50 percent success rate during the new 14-day early bull elk season.

A total of 4,947 deer were checked in for the month of September, the first 28 days of archery season, surpassing the record harvest of 4,407 taken last year.

The sex ratio of deer harvested was 34.0 percent bucks and 66.0 percent female deer (does).

“It’s encouraging that our archery hunters were so successful and took such a high percentage of does, especially in the Zone 1 counties, where we are trying to reduce the herds,” said Tina Brunjes, deer and elk program coordinator for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. “The percentage of does in the harvest was as high as 70 percent in some counties.”

Last season Kentucky bow hunters checked in a record 16,650 deer, including record harvests for the months at the beginning and end of the season. In the last decade, the archery deer harvest has been steadily climbing, up about 33 percent since the 2000-01 season, when archers checked in 12,478 deer.

The 2011-12 Kentucky archery season for deer is 136 days long. It opened Sept. 3 and continues through Jan. 16, 2012.

The hunter success rate for the new 14-day archery bull elk season was higher than anticipated.

“I would have never predicted that the success rate would be above 50 percent,” said Brunjes. “Unseasonably cool weather and a poor crop of white oak acorns across the region may have been contributing factors to the excellent success rate for archers.”

Eighty permits were awarded to archers for the new bull elk season which began Sept. 17 and ended last Friday, Sept. 30.


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  Outstanding harvest success


Outstanding harvest success by the state of Kentucky hunters!  Nice numbers of harvests provided.  A 50% success rate is almost as good as what New Hampshire posted - Great!  And a great long archery season to be had in Kentucky - 136 days of opportunity - nice, very nice for Kentucky hunters!


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Sounds like they are having a

Sounds like they are having a great season in Kentucky this year so far. In the first month smashing the previous record by just over 500 animals. The DNR is doing something right in manageing the deer herds if the harvest rates keep climbing like that. I knew that Kentucky had a good elk population and some very very nice bulls have ben taken out of there in the past few years. another forum member posted a story about his buddy taking a very nice bull. That was the first time I learned of elk in Kentucky. I was very shocked to learn they had elk like that. The reintoduction of elk in some of the mid west states have been a very good success story so far. Next on on the list. I'm very excited to fallow the growth of the elk herd there. They just brought the first 30 elk into the state earlier this year. I too am curious on how many tags they give out to achieve a 50% success rate. Like CA_ said it can't be many. I would love if our rates were at 50% but it's not I think our state average is right around 18% which isn't to bad for an archery season. Good job and congrats to all the successful hunter this year.

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I am curious how many elk

I am curious how many elk have been killed, and how many tags were offered for the 14 day archery season in Kentucky.  I can't imagine many, but all it says it "50%" success.  Either way, Kentucky has a great elk herd.

Also good to see the number of deer that were harvested.  It sounds like there is alot of good venison being put into the freezers out that way.  Very cool!