September 30 is Deadline to Apply for Preference Points in Wyoming

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Earlier this summer, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department sent out more than 15,000 letters to notify hunters that their accumulated preference points are in jeopardy of being lost.

Wyoming has a special application period from July 1 to Sept. 30 when hunters can purchase preference points.

Preference points are available for moose and bighorn sheep and for nonresident elk, deer, and antelope.Wyoming law requires hunters to apply for a license involving preference points or to purchase preference points at least every other year to maintain their point totals.  If a hunter fails to apply for a license with preference points, purchase a preference point, or to apply for a license with the preference point option for two consecutive years, all accumulated preference points for that species will be deleted.

Applications for preference points are accepted online or through the mail.  The Game and Fish encourages online application to help ensure applications are received prior to the deadline date.  The online application service is found on the Game and Fish website at . Applications can also be downloaded from this website.

Preference points are updated after Sept. 30.  Hunters can verify preference point balances on the Game and fish website after mid-November.
(Contact: Al Langston (307) 777-4540)


GooseHunter Jr's picture

I too am glad this popped up

I too am glad this popped up or else I would have completly forgotten all about it.  I need to put in for one as I wanna really get that buck antelope tag next year.  Thanks again for the reminder.

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Thanks for the reminder on

Thanks for the reminder on this one. I used up my points this year on antelope so I have to wait till next year before I can start that again. I will probably buy a deer point for the first time just to start planning something new. I didn't know you could only miss one year as here in Colorado it's as many as 10 for some animals. My daughter has three now for antelope but will not get one this year as it's not needed. But she will ahve to next year if she is unable to go with us again. Good to know for sure.