Second Chance for Moose Hunters

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Hunters will have a second chance to draw a moose permit this year but there are a few wrinkles to remember.

Under current rules, explained on page 15 of the 2004 big game brochure, a moose killed on a second drawing moose permit or a leftover permit is the one Idaho moose allowed by the state's once-in-a-lifetime rule, but there are a couple of exceptions.

The hunter who takes a moose on a leftover permit or second drawing permit may not apply again in the regular drawing for moose. Whether the moose is antlered or antlerless does not matter for the purpose of this rule. However, that hunter may apply again for a leftover or second-draw moose permit. A hunter who has killed a moose on a permit drawn in the regular drawing is allowed to apply for a leftover or second-draw permit.

A moose permit selected in the Supertag and Superslam drawings, new this year, is not subject to the once-in-a-lifetime rule.

This year, permits left over after the regular drawing will go into a second drawing. Applications may be filed from June 15 through June 25. Hunters must pay the tag fee with their application fee. If any permits remain after the second drawing, they will be offered for sale over the counter as leftovers on a first-come, first-served basis.

The drawing will be held June 30 and hunters notified by July 10. Tags left over from that drawing, if there are any, will go on sale July 10.

Controlled hunt applications can be filed through license vendors, Fish and Game offices, on the Internet at or by calling 1-800-824-3729.

The following moose hunts are available:
Species:Hunt/No.-Area/Legal Moose - # Permits Leftover

Moose: 3039/16A-2/Antlered-1
Moose: 3040/17-1/Antlered-2
Moose: 3041 /17-2 /Antlered -2
Moose: 3042 /17-3 /Antlered -2
Moose: 3043 /17-4 /Antlered -1
Moose: 3044 /17-5 /Antlered -1
Moose: 3049 /20-2 /Antlered -2
Moose: 3053 /20A-2 /Antlered -1
Moose: 3102 /60A /Antlerless -15
Moose: 3104 /61-2 /Antlerless -3
Moose: 3105 /61-3 /Antlerless -1
Moose: 3106 /62 /Antlerless -3
Moose: 3108 /63 /Antlerless -3
Moose: 3109 /63A /Antlerless -2
Moose: 3111 /66-1 /Antlerless -2
Moose: 3112 /66-2 /Antlerless -1
Moose: 3114 /67-1 /Antlerless -2
Moose: 3115 /67-2 /Antlerless -1
Moose: 3116 /69-1 /Antlerless -4
Moose: 3118 /69-3 /Antlerless -2
Moose: 3120 /71-2 /Antlerless -3
Moose: 3121 /75 /Antlerless -3
Moose: 3123 /76-2 /Antlerless -7