Saskatchewan Hunting News

Confirmed Case of CWD
Saskatchewan Environment has received confirmation of another case of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in wild deer. As stated in a May 10th news release, an animal had a suspicious test and a sample was sent to an Ontario laboratory for confirmation. The sample, which has now been confirmed positive for Chronic Wasting Disease, was from a three-year-old mule deer buck from the Manito Sand Hills near Lloydminster.
No New Cases of CWD in the Wild
No new cases of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) have been found in the wild in a province-wide testing program. Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management (SERM), in co-operation with Saskatchewan hunters and landowners, has been collecting samples of deer and elk populations across the province for testing.
The Caribou Challenge
The Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management Group (SERM) has written up an article on the state of woodland caribou. In 1987 SERM closed the sport hunting season for woodland caribou. At that time a survey showed the caribou's range was three-quarters of its historic size and estimated the population had shrunk to half of its traditional number. In 2000 the woodland caribou was added to Canada's endangered species list. Along with the Federal government and other Canadian provinces, SERM is now developing a recovery plan for the woodland caribou.