Saskatchewan Hunting News

Big Game Management Licences Available
Saskatchewan Environment is offering approximately 500 Big Game Management Licences to people who would like to hunt antlerless white-tailed deer in southeast Saskatchewan. Antlerless deer are does or young animals born this past spring.
Wildlife Trafficker Fined $41,000
A Yorkton-area resident has recently been convicted of 29 wildlife-related offences, including 15 for trafficking in wildlife, and fined a total of $41,000 at provincial court in Esterhazy. The offender was also given a two-year sentence in a federal penitentiary and had his hunting and fishing privileges suspended for five years.
Outfitter Fined $8,250 for Illegal Outfitting and Poisoning Wildlife
An outfitter from north of La Ronge recently appeared in Provincial Court in La Ronge and received $8,250 in fines and penalties for illegal outfitting and poisoning wildlife.
Men Plead Guilty to Wildlife Violations
Four Saskatchewan men, including a waterfowl outfitter and three guides, pleaded guilty today in Provincial Court on 56 counts of violating federal and provincial wildlife legislation in connection with illegal waterfowl hunting and guiding activities in the Cumberland Marsh area of Saskatchewan. The case was adjourned for sentencing until May 12, 2005.
Ministers Take Action on CWD
The Canadian Council of Wildlife Ministers recognize the growing danger wildlife diseases pose to wildlife, human health and the economy and have agreed to address the issue of chronic wasting disease by moving forward on developing an action plan for managing this disease and preventing its spread.
Antlerless Mule Deer Licenses
More than 1,900 Saskatchewan hunters could be getting a bonus this year. That's how many mule deer licences were left over after last spring's Big Game Draw. The licences are for antlerless mule deer, which is a doe or a young deer born in spring 2004.
Overlimit Loon Lake Area Outfitter Fined $57,920
A Loon Lake area outfitter was recently convicted of nine Wildlife Act offences for illegal white-tailed deer outfitting activities and fined a total of $57,920 at provincial court in Loon Lake.
Radios Help Protect African Wildlife
For nearly 30 years the Motorola PT-300 radio was one of the main tools Saskatchewan Environment conservation officers used to help protect the province’s wildlife. The 228 radios enabled conservation officers to talk to each other or to stay in contact with a main base. They used to the radios during activities that ranged from coordinating night patrols for poachers to fighting forest fires.
Poachers Fined $3,500
An anonymous call to the Turn In Poachers hotline on November 29th, 2002 initiated an investigation by Saskatchewan Environment conservation officers that resulted in three hunters being charged. The charges included over limit hunting of deer, providing false information, carrying another person's licence and allowing someone else to use a licence.
Turn in Deer Heads
Saskatchewan Environment is asking hunters to turn in deer heads. The samples will be tested for Chronic Wasting Disease. Saskatchewan Environment is especially interested in samples from the province's western areas where all cases of Chronic Wasting Disease in wild deer have been found.