Saskatchewan Hunting News

Saskatchewan Hunters Get Another Chance at Elk
Saskatchewan Environment is asking hunters to help reduce the number of elk in the Cypress Hills.
Extra Opportunity for Saskatchewan Hunters
Hunters who use muzzle-loading rifles and archery equipment to hunt white-tailed deer in the provincial forest and along the forest fringe will get a few more days to do so this year.
Saskatchewan Hunters Cautioned About Fire Hazards
Hunting season is underway and hunters are being asked to be careful to avoid accidentally starting a wildfire.
Saskatchewan Additional Big Game Licenses Available
Saskatchewan Environment is offering Big Game Management Licences to people who would like to hunt antlerless mule deer and antlerless white-tailed deer in the Saskatoon area.
Saskatchewan Antlerless Mule Deer Licences
There are still more than 4,500 chances to get an antlerless mule deer this year.
Saskatchewan Hunter Education Goes Electronic
Learning about hunting and how to safely use a firearm will soon be just a mouse-click away.
Innovative Probation Order Used to Rehabilitate Poacher
A Rosetown resident was recently convicted of three charges under The Wildlife Act (Saskatchewan) in Provincial Court in Rosetown and fined a total of $5,000. The court also suspended the habitual offender's hunting privileges for three years and issued an innovative probation order to encourage the violator's rehabilitation.
Extra Saskatoon Hunting Licences Available
Seven hundred Big Game Management Licences are available to people who would like to hunt anterless mule deer and white-tailed deer in the Saskatoon Wildlife Management Zone. The offer is part of a plan to reduce and more effectively manage the deer population in the Saskatoon area.
1,100 Antlerless Mule Deer Licences Available
Beginning Oct. 31st, 2005 Saskatchewan Environment will be offering 1,100 Antlerless Mule Deer Licences on a first-come, first-served basis.
Seven US Residents Fined $18,926 for Illegal Hunting
Seven U.S. residents - four from Arizona, two from Kentucky and one from California - were recently convicted of 28 violations under The Wildlife Act and fined a total of $18,926 for illegal bird hunting-related activities in southwestern Saskatchewan.