Saskatchewan Releases 500 Additional Big Game Tags

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Five hundred Big Game Management Licences are now available to hunt antlerless mule deer and antlerless white-tailed deer in the Saskatoon area. Antlerless deer are adult females or young animals born in the spring of 2007.

The 500 licences are in addition to the regular season licences offered by the department, and reflect high deer populations in the area around Saskatoon.

The licences cost $19.81 each and are only valid in the Saskatoon Wildlife Management Zone. Each hunter also needs a $10.90 Wildlife Habitat Certificate. Hunters may purchase two licences at a time, each valid for one antlerless mule deer or antlerless white-tailed deer.

The licences are valid during the regular seasons and hunters may only use a weapon that the regular season allows, for example archery equipment, muzzleloaders or shotguns. The archery season for both deer species opened on September 1, followed by the muzzleloader season on October 1 and shotgun season on November 1. All regular seasons close on December 4, 2007.

Licences are only available at the Saskatchewan Environment Field Office in Saskatoon at 112 Research Drive. For information on licence availability please call 306-933-6240.

To track the success of the program, hunters are asked to turn in unused licences and the heads of all white-tailed and mule deer, including fawns, that are taken with these licences to the Saskatoon Field Office by January 1, 2008. Adult deer heads that are turned in will be submitted for Chronic Wasting Disease testing. There is no charge for the test.