Saskatchewan Fines California Hunter for Offences

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Richard Haskins of California pleaded guilty in Saskatoon court and was fined $18,200 for two offences committed under provincial wildlife legislation.

Haskins was arrested at the Saskatoon Airport on December 13, 2007, while he was attempting to export a set of mule deer antlers and moose and deer meat from the province. The antlers were believed to have come from a deer killed in the Elrose area while Haskins was illegally hunting. The meat was being shipped without an export permit. An export permit is required by law to show the authority under which the animal was taken.

"People who kill animals illegally are stealing from the law-abiding hunters of our province," Ministry of Environment's Compliance and Field Services executive director Kevin Callele said. "Our laws are designed to provide effective management of wildlife populations to ensure hunting opportunities are available now and in the future for Saskatchewan residents and non-residents alike."

Anyone who is aware of or suspects environmental or resource abuses is encouraged to call any Ministry of Environment office or the 24-hour Turn-In-Poachers (TIP) line at 1-800-667-7561.