Saratoga Man Receives Fines, Probation, License Suspensions for Trapping Violations in Wyoming

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A repeat offender of Wyoming trapping laws has had his hunting and trapping privileges suspended for 15 years for violation of Wyoming trapping laws.

Robert Mclean of Saratoga was charged with 12 trapping violations from 2003-2007, and in 2007 was convicted of trapping on private land without permission and received fines and a three year suspension of trapping privileges. In February 2010, then Elk Mountain Game Warden Jordan Kraft received a report of bobcat traps set illegally on private land. Further investigation by Kraft revealed the traps did not contain identification and one trap had been set within 30 feet of a bait of more than five pounds in weight. Setting a trap or snare within 30 feet of any exposed bait or carcass of more than five pounds is prohibited in Wyoming. Kraft recognized the very specific trapping style used in the bobcat trap sets from his investigation of Mclean's illegal traps in 2007. After execution of search warrants and the evidence gathered, McLean was convicted of violations that took place during the 2009-2010 trapping season.These included trapping while under license suspension, accessory to fail to tag traps and/or snares, and two counts as an accessory to trapping on private land without permission.

Carbon County Circuit Court Judge Jane Eakin levied a $1,550 fine, 540 days of jail time, and a 15-year revocation of hunting and trapping privileges. During the 15-year revocation period, McLean is prohibited from taking any wildlife, being in the field with a firearm, or associating with anyone in the field with a firearm. He was also ordered to forfeit three mink pelts. The jail time and $1,110 of the fine was suspended and Mclean was also placed on two years probation.  Kraft states that Judge Eakin's sentence sends a clear message that repeated offense of wildlife laws will not be taken lightly.

Kraft said the prosecution of the case was made possible thanks to involvement and cooperation of numerous game wardens and wildlife investigators, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Carbon County Sheriff's Department, Saratoga Police Department, and the Carbon County Attorney's Office.
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  That is the problem - jail


That is the problem - jail time and $1,110.00 part of the fine suspended from the sentences.  The guy should have to do the jail time.  He is a repeat offender... and not a small time repeat offender.  He has also been found guilty prior with no jail time so why suspend it this time?  Maybe the third time this guy is caught he might get his jail time.

Also 15 years suspended license is not a lifetime suspension - which it should have been.  The guy didn't follow his previous license suspension what makes this situation different that he will follow it for 15 years? 

I'm disappointed.


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This poacher is a repeat

This poacher is a repeat offender and only got a 15 years suspension? It should be for life across the US and Canada at least. But as stated, I doubt this poacher will stop as he has no regard for the law or wildlife. The suspended part sucks too as that is even more of a slap on the wrist and IMO does not send a clear message as the article states. Taking 3 mink pelts is nothing, hope they took everything that could have been used in his illegal trapping operation.

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I'm glad Law enforcement

I'm glad Law enforcement caught this guy but since he was busted before and continued to set traps illegaly I dought he will stop rather become better at hiding his traps and snares. I like the 15 years of loss of hunting and trapping privaleges but think the jail time and fines were way to soft for a repeat offender. There have been a lot more reports of poachers getting caught this this which is a great thing. I dont think the amount of poachers has increase but rather Wildlife police have become better at investigating and finding them also honest hunters and outdoorsman are helping by turning in tips and reporting suspicious activities. Good job to all the investigaters and courts for stopping this guy for now. Only time will tell if he'll change his ways.