Salvage Order Issued for Jensen Grove, Idaho

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The Southeast Region ofice of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has been notified by the cty of Blackfoot that water will no longer enter the pond at Jensen Grove Park during the last week of October.

Fish in Jensen Grove's pond will not survive when water levels become unsuitable.

Therefore, Fish and Game is issuing a salvage order for the Jensen Grove Park pond from October 15 through January 1, 2012. All bag, possession, size and number limits will be lifted during that time.

During the salvage order timeline, fish may be taken by any method except use of firearms, explosives, chemicals or electric current. A valid Idaho fishing license will still be required.

For more information on this salvage order call Fish and Game in Pocatello at 208-232-4703.


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Well crap! I have a bunch of

Well crap! I have a bunch of explosives just sitting around I was hoping to use for fishing (just joking). There was a local lake that was fun to go throw a raft in and spend the day fishing or take the kids swimming in that closed down and was drained. It was an over flow lake from a dam that was removed. It was owned by Portland General Electric and when they decomisioned the dam and removed it they stopped the flow of water to it. I know alot of people who lost valuebles in that lake myself included. I was planning on going for a savenger hunt when it was drained but they fenced it off and when the water was gone they bulldozed it side in and now its just a field. I drove bu it the other day and I cannot get over how fast the aspens have grown. If you didn't know it was a lake then you just would think it was a green space or something. It closed down just last year. Now in this case they seem to have a ichy bug problem so it's probably better they drain it and keep they people safe.


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  Nope, I can't find anything


Nope, I can't find anything on this water within Idaho myself.  Even their own DNR web site mentions nothing.  Yes, I would think I would steer clear of the area if all you could find was info on some itching issue within the waters.  And what the heck - no TNT allowed for meeting my possession limit?!?!?! 


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Well heck, if you can't take

Well heck, if you can't take them with explosives, then what's the fun..... lol

Interesting decision they made.  I can't seem to find what kind of fish they have in that thing, no matter how much I search.  The only thing I find is that they have a nasty case of some parasitic itch thing, that is really bad for the kids.  don't think I want to go in that water, let alone eat anything from there.