Rhode Island Offers Free Fishing Days - May 7th and 8th

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The Department of Environmental Management announces that Saturday, May 7 and Sunday, May 8 are free fishing days in Rhode Island. During those two days, all Rhode Islanders and visitors can fish in freshwaters without a fishing license or trout conservation stamp. The free fishing days provide local residents and visitors a special incentive to get outdoors and try something new while enjoying their natural surroundings.

Anglers will have an opportunity to catch a prized Golden Rainbow trout on Saturday, May 7 during a fishing tournament sponsored by DEM's Division of Fish & Wildlife at Little Round Top and Big Round Top Ponds in Burrillville. This is the second year for this annual Hatchery-sponsored fishing event. DEM's hatchery staff will stock the Rhode Island hatchery-raised Golden Rainbow trout at these two fishing access areas for the event, and prizes will be awarded to the lucky anglers who catch a Golden Rainbow. There will also be loaner fishing rods and bait available for those who need them. DEM hatchery staff and volunteers from fishing clubs will be on hand to assist families during the fishing event. The Coventry and Lincoln libraries also have a fishing rod loan program, available through the CLAN network to people throughout the state with library cards. DEM's aquatic resource education program and the RI Saltwater Anglers Association sponsor the fishing rod loan program.

The free fishing program was established nationally about 20 years ago as an opportunity to encourage people to experience new recreational opportunities outdoors, and therefore become more active stewards of the environment.

All usual regulations on size and limits apply during the two free fishing days. Information about size and limits can be obtained at bait and tackle shops, or by calling DEM's Great Swamp Field Office at 789-0281. The regulations can also be found on DEM's website at www.dem.ri.gov by clicking on "Fish and Wildlife" under "Offices and Divisions".

A list of stocked ponds and other information of interest to anglers can also be found on DEM's website, www.dem.ri.gov, by clicking on "Fish and Wildlife" under "Offices and Divisions", and then choosing "Freshwater Fisheries".


hunter25's picture

I think these free fishing

I think these free fishing days that some states offer are a great way to get more people started or interested in the sport. I know a few people that take a lot of kids out when they open it up here in Colorado. I believe we do it the first full weekend in June every year so people know when it's coming. A few people only fish these 2 days all year but I think it's a great program for the people who only want to try things out.

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I like when state do stuff

I like when state do stuff like this, it get people outside and fishing who normaly wouldnt. Oregon does this too, We have a free weekend at the begining of fishing season and one again at the end of summer. I alway get a licence so i get out a lot and take my family with me, theres nothing like seeing my kids reel in those trout. they love it, i get more joy out of that than hooking a 45lb king salmon. get out there and fish its free!!