Return Black-Tail Deer Radio Collars and Ear Tags

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Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife researchers ask hunters who legally harvest a radio-collared or ear-tagged black-tailed deer in the south Cascade mountains to return the collar or tag to ODFW. Radio collars can be re-used and researchers verify that the ear tag is from their project.

The deer have been radio collared and/or ear tagged as part of ongoing research to collect data on age, survival, mortality causes and reproduction rates of black-tailed deer in the Cascade Mountains of southern Oregon. About 100 deer are currently radio collared, and many more have ear tags.

Throughout the study, biologists have discovered vital migration routes for deer populations in certain areas, along with summer and winter habitats. Knowing critical use areas becomes an important tool when dealing with issues such as hunter harvest and population management.

If a hunter has the correct tag for the sex and age of the deer killed, it is legal to take a collared or tagged black-tailed deer. The collars and ear tags can be returned to any ODFW office.


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Although it is legal to kill

Although it is legal to kill them with a collar it would seem a little strange to pull the trigger on one. Not saying I would not do it but I' just not sure. The ear tag is not quite as bad but still a little different. Now if it was a nice buck I doubt it would slow me down much at all. Plus I think when you turn in the tag or collar in most states they give you the history of the animals life based on the data they have gathered.

I hope I never get the chance at one though as I don't want to have to decide.