Restrictions Apply to All Extra Antlerless Controlled Hunt Tags

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With Idaho's general archery season beginning August 30th, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) remind holders of extra antlerless controlled hunt tags that some restriction apply.

"The tags are a great management tool used to relieve crop depredations, but hunters need to realize that the season is not wide open without restrictions," said George Fischer, district conservation officer based in Grangeville.

All holders of these tags may hunt only during dates that the individual unit is open to general tag holders. Hunters are also limited to the weapon type that the general tag holder must use for the given dates. Additionally, all tag holders must posses the proper validation for the season they choose to participate in (archery or muzzleloader).

For example, a holder of an 11AX deer tag and an archery validation can hunt antlerless deer of either species in big game management unit 11A and a portion of unit 14 from August 30 to September 30th, but is restricted to hunting with a bow. If unsuccessful during this period, their tag is still valid and a rifle can be used during the general rifle season from October 9 to November 20.

IDFG encourages holders of these tags to review the notes and area descriptions on page 27 of the 2004 Big Game Season Rules booklet.