Reporting Fish and Wildlife Violations in West Virginia Just Got Easier

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Reporting poaching and other fish and wildlife law violations just got easier. The Law Enforcement Section of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) has added a new website option for reporting activity that threatens fish, wildlife and critical habitat. Submitting a tip sends a message to DNR district office staff for response. The website can be found at

"We have a limited number of Natural Resources Police Officers in the field, so the public plays a critical role in protecting our natural resources by reporting violations," said Lt. Col. Jerry Jenkins of the DNR Law Enforcement Section. "Submitting a report is a quick and easy way to report violations.”

DNR law enforcement officers ask anyone who witnesses a potential violation to collect as much information as possible without confronting the individual under suspicion. Jenkins said helpful information includes license plate numbers, vehicle color and make, the type of violation, the time it occurred and a description of the individual or individuals involved.

“Reporting a crime with this form is anonymous,” Jenkins said. “The Division of Natural Resources does not obtain any information that will identify the user of this system unless you are willing to give us your name and contact information.”

Go to for more information about how to report emergency and non-emergency fish and wildlife violations. The site includes instructions and direct links to the email and online reporting options.


Ca_Vermonster's picture

That seems like a good start,

That seems like a good start, but not very time effective.  Granted, lots of people have smart phones nowadays, but not everyone is going to jump on a computer to report a poacher.  Out here in California, we have a tip line that you can call, and in some cases, you get a pretty quick response.

Any step taken to stop poaching or other wildlife violations is a step in the right direction though.  Kudos to West Virginia for implementing this plan.

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That seems like a program

That seems like a program that could work very well.  Not that is makes it much easier to do it just gives them another way to report stuff, the more ways you give people to report something like that the more people will do it and I am sure they will be surprised at how many more tips they receive.