Reporting Deer Harvest not Mandatory

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Deer and turkey hunters are reminded they are not required to report their harvest to a license vendor as stated under Reporting Instructions on the back of their tag. Since they are not required to report their harvest, hunters will not receive a verification tag or be subject to the $145 fine for failing to report their deer or turkey harvest.

The Iowa House and Senate passed a joint resolution last spring abolishing a state rule requiring harvest reporting. The DNR is urging hunters to respond to the random harvest report card surveys. The harvest data is important because it plays a key role in setting hunting seasons and limits.


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None of the western states

None of the western states that I have hunted require mandatory reporting of your harvest. We akways had to bring them in to get checked when I was a kid in Wisconsin but I'm not sure if that is still the case or not. Although it is concenient to not have to do it I think it would give a lot better data in managing our declinig deer herds out here. I know I would complain a little but still think it would be better in the long run.  I do try to get all those surveys turned in but do miss one once in awhile but I'm sure I would never forget if a fine was involved.