Remaining Deer Hunting Permits

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Nebraska resident hunters wishing to purchase 2001 deer hunting permits remaining in nine "draw" units and those who have not yet purchased a deer hunting permit in a "buy" permit unit may purchase them on a first- come, first-served basis either online or from Game and Parks Commission permitting offices.

Though there are plenty of permits left overall, five units are sold out and permits numbers in some other units are decreasing rapidly.

Those "draw" units where permits are still available and the number of permits left are: Lincoln Water Middle, 11 permits; Lincoln Water Late, 14 permits; National Guard Early, 18 permits; National Guard Late, 14 permits; Desoto Early, 37 permits; Elkhorn, 211 permits; Frenchman, 304 permits; Republican Whitetail, 941 permits; and Wahoo, 456 permits.

Resident hunters may also now purchase their first permit in either a "draw" and "buy" unit, archery and muzzleloader permits, hunting and fishing licenses and stamps online at the Commission's website at