Raccoon Hunting Seasons Open October 16

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The hunting seasons for raccoon will begin October 16, 2004 and continue until February 28, 2005, according to Curtis Taylor , Chief of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Section.


“Raccoon populations in 2004 should be similar to populations in 2003. Reproduction in raccoons is influenced by mast conditions the previous year. Poor mast years can result in below average reproduction, especially in heavily forested areas with little agriculture,” said Taylor .

Raccoons will be concentrated in stands of black cherry, as long as the fruit is available. Raccoons will also be found foraging in white oak bottoms and areas with numerous grape arbors. In agricultural areas, hunters can increase their chances for treeing raccoons by talking to local farmers who have been experiencing damage to their cornfields.

Raccoon hunters are reminded that the bag limit for any 11-hour period beginning at 6 p.m. and ending at 5 a.m. is 4 raccoons for each person or group of persons as a party. The daily bag limit for raccoon may be possessed for each day the season is open.