Pups for Walla Walla Wolf Pack in Oregon

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The Walla Walla wolf pack of northern Umatilla County had pups this year, trail camera footage shows.

The footage shows at least two pups, but there may be more. Other trail camera footage taken in August 2011 show at least two adult wolves with the Walla Walla pack.

If at least two Walla Walla wolf pups survive through Dec. 31, the pack would be considered a breeding pair for 2011. The first conservation goal for Oregon wolf management is four breeding pairs for three consecutive years east of the Cascades.

The Wenaha wolf pack produced pups last year and in 2009 but ODFW has not found evidence of reproduction for that pack yet this year. The other known wolf pack in Oregon, the Imnaha, produced one pup this year.

More information on wolves in Oregon:


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  I have to agree with you


I have to agree with you there Vermonster.  There is probably 25% to 50% more wolves than what the trail cams are showing.

I say get collars on these animals and watch their whereabouts closely.  Having a collar on at least two of them - especially the adults will allow for an observation that just may reveal the real population of this family of wolves to determine if it is alreay a breeding pack.

Do our homework and ensure we know how many exactly are in this family so correct decisions can be made!


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The only thing I can think of

The only thing I can think of though, is that for every one you catch on trail camera, there are probably 3 more out there you never see.  So, i wonder if the Walla Walla wolf pack truly is hurting in terms of breeding, or if these might be the only ones that happened to wander by a trail camera.

But as Numb says, it probably does not hurt many people's feelings that they are having trouble.

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It doesnt bother me one bit

It doesnt bother me one bit that there struggling to breed. I hunt in some of the areas where the wolfs have moved in and over the past 5 or so years i have seen less and less animals in my hunting areas. i know wolfs ar not the main prblem but they sure do help. The lions are the main issue, i wish the ODFW would revamp there predator management plan. And more hunters would target lions and bears in eastern oregon. Also they need a wolf plan stat before they get out of hand. Oregon is becoming a great place to hunt predators and fast.

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Sounds like they are having a

Sounds like they are having a tough time getting the wolves to bredd sucessfully and then when they do the survival rate is low.  that good for all us hunters, but I sure hope they have some sort of plan in mind the packs start to grow larger.  Then we all know what happens after that.  Nip it in the butt now!