Public Input Sought in Tennessee Bear Archery Season Changes

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In Thursday's (May 20) Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission meeting, action was taken during the 2010-11 hunting seasons-setting process which reduced the bear archery season to three weeks from the originally proposed five week season in Blount, Carter, Cocke, Greene, Jefferson, Johnson, Monroe, Polk, Sevier, Sullivan, Unicoi, and Washington counties.

The change by the TWRC was in response to discussions related to calls that some commissioners had received in reference to the length of the season. While there was some similar discussion at the April TWRC meeting when the season recommendations were previewed, the recommendation to shorten the bear archery hunting season was not specifically on the commission agenda for the May meeting.

In reference to that change, Mike Chase, TWRC Chairman, stated "My concern is perhaps ample time was not given for other opinions to be considered. Given the volume of regulations and seasons we had to address during our meeting, that is sometimes difficult to do. We want to make absolutely sure that all sides are considered before we finalize this year's regulations for bear hunting.

"Therefore, if the change in the season length is a concern to the archery community, I would ask those hunters contact their local TWRC member or they can send their comments to the following link: If there appears to be a desire for the commission to readdress that issue, we will gladly do so at the June commission meeting."