Public Advisory: Polar Bear Sightings Common in Coastal Labrador

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Residents of Labrador’s coastal communities are advised to be vigilant given that polar bears are active at this time of the year and may be commonly sighted along the Labrador coast.

Like any wild animal, polar bears can be unpredictable. Conservation officers with the Department of Natural Resources monitor the movement of these animals and caution people to not approach a polar bear.

If anyone encounters a polar bear, they should:

  • Remain calm
  • Give the bear(s) space
  • Back away, get out of the situation, never run
  • If you must speak, do so calmly and firmly
  • Avoid direct eye contact with the bear(s)

Anyone sighting a polar bear in these areas is asked to contact the Cartwright Forest Management office at 709-938-7362; the Port Hope Simpson office at 709-960-0400, or the Red Bay office at 709-920-2004.