Provinces Introduces New Hunter ID Card

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A new, mandatory hunter-identification card will help Nova Scotia better manage and conserve its wildlife.

The new Wildlife Resources Card -- which replaces the provincial firearms hunting certificate, the bowhunter hunting certificate, and the fur harvester's certificate -- will be available on June 1.

Hunters, fur harvesters, trappers, guides, fur buyers, taxidermists, deer hide buyers, pheasant preserve operators, and nuisance wildlife operators will be required to have cards.

Each card will include the height and eye colour of the card holder, will be made of hard plastic and sized to fit in a wallet. It must be carried whenever the owner is engaged in wildlife harvesting activities.

"Our new Wildlife Resources Card will allow us to interact and correspond with our clients," said Barry Sabean, director of wildlife with the Department of Natural Resources. "It will also assist us in maintaining accurate harvesting records and related use of Nova Scotia's wildlife resources. This will, in turn, support sound wildlife management and decision-making about issues such as limits, species populations and necessary conservation measures."

As of June 1, individuals can apply for the new card by calling toll-free 1-888-729-2917. Wildlife harvesters have until Dec. 31 to apply for their free card. As of Jan. 1, 2006 the cost will be $6.25. The cost to replace one of the new cards will be $5.75.

The cards will be effective for five years from the year of issue. I

nterested people can view the card on the Department of Natural Resources website at .