Province Assesses Wildlife Management Areas

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Provincial wildlife specialists are beginning a public review of wildlife sanctuaries and wildlife management areas throughout the province.

The review will look at Nova Scotia's 26 wildlife sanctuaries and management areas to determine which will be maintained or will have their boundaries changed, renewed, or eliminated.

Some sanctuaries and wildlife management areas no longer serve the purpose for which they were established. Nine areas await official designation.

"New philosophies of care and management of forests, waterways and wildlife can point us in the direction of more effective use and greater enjoyment of our natural resources," said Richard Hurlburt, Minister of Natural Resources. "At the same time, new legislative tools will allow us to protect significant wildlife habitats."

Wildlife management areas were first designated in the 1920s as wildlife reservoirs, to provide game for hunters and trappers in the surrounding forests. In later years, others were created for youth and nature enthusiasts to enjoy the outdoors.

Modern wildlife management techniques allow biologists to evaluate and identify significant wildlife habitats. This, combined with new or updated legislation, ensures regulations are customized to the management needs of each site while accommodating a wide range of human activities.

Interested members of the public can make submissions to this review until Monday, Feb. 28. Additional information is available at