Proper Game Disposal Reminder

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Every October, Wyoming Game and Fish Department offices field calls similar to this: “I live in the country and somebody shot an antelope and left it on our road.” Investigation almost always reveals the sighting was only a carcass left as litter by someone who processed their own game.

Hunters may think they are completing the food chain by returning the carcass to nature’s scavengers, but discarding the carcass along a road is actually littering. It is also illegal, and shocking to the regular users, to throw carcasses in private dumpsters.

“Show some respect to the animal harvested and other citizens by taking care of the carcass properly so it is not seen by unsuspecting individuals,” said Steve DeCecco, Green River wildlife supervisor.

Proper disposal varies by community. In some areas, carcasses are hauled away with the regular trash. Casper requires hunters to deliver carcasses to a special landfill. In Cheyenne, municipal dumpsters specifically for carcasses are on Old Happy Jack Road near the intersection with Missile Drive during hunting season.

Hunters are urged to contact their local sanitation department for disposal instructions.