Pronghorn Antelope Hunting News

More Tags Proposed For 2005 Antelope Season
South Dakota’s 2005 antelope season might be extended to 14 days, split into separate seasons and have available licenses increased by 93 percent under a recent Game, Fish and Parks Commission proposal.
Archery Antelope Season Finalized
Limited-draw units have been eliminated from South Dakota’s archery antelope season, but applications are still required to receive a license. South Dakota’s 2005 archery antelope season will be open Aug. 20 through Oct. 31, except when and where the prairie firearms antelope season is open.
Pronghorn Population Management Program
The Arizona Game and Fish Department will continue a successful program to help the state's struggling antelope population. The department will conduct limited lethal removal of coyotes in three limited areas, beginning in early April, to help increase fawn survival rates.
200 Antelope Transplanted to Three Regions
One of the West's biggest antelope capture and relocation operations has brought 200 Utah pronghorns to Idaho. Idaho Fish and Game biologists and conservation officers joined wildlife professionals from Utah, Nevada and Arizona took part in the massive relocation effort.
A Holiday Season Pronghorn Gift
Arizona received an early holiday season gift this year: 39 pronghorn antelope were brought to Arizona from Utah in early December.
Pronghorn Poachers Sought by Authorities
The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) is looking for help in finding the person or people responsible for killing three pronghorn antelope that were dumped south of Hayden. District Wildlife Manager Jason Trousdale gathered evidence at the scene and is hoping someone saw the people who dumped the carcasses at the site.
Nonresident Deer and Antelope Licenses Available
There is still a lot of opportunity for nonresidents to get a 2004 Wyoming buck deer or antelope license. Nonresident deer licenses are available across the eastern third of the Cowboy State. That includes regions A, B, C, J and T. Many eastern Wyoming antelope areas also have buck licenses available.
Pronghorn License Increase Proposal
North Dakota's pronghorn population is on the increase and that means more licenses are recommended for hunters this fall, according to Bruce Stillings, big game biologist for the State Game and Fish Department, Dickinson. The statewide pronghorn estimate increased from slightly under 10,000 in 2003 to nearly 12,000 this year.
2004 Antelope Hunting Season Dates & Regulations Set
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commissioners set the dates for the 2004 antelope hunting seasons, and approved recommendations for a buck only season in all units except the archery season, and the elimination of Box Butte East Late and Box Butte West Late seasons this year.
Nonresident Deer/Antelope Application Due March 15
Nonresident hunters are alerted applications for deer and antelope licenses – including doe/fawn – must be received in the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Cheyenne office no later than 5 p.m. March 15.