Professional Marksmen Offers Long Range Shooting Classes

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Long Range Shooting is a challenge. But it is this challenge that makes us want to do it. To hit a small target from far away is the ultimate test of any shooter. Not many can do this and that is what is so alluring about it. There are many places to shoot across this great nation of ours, but there aren’t many that teach just this shooting discipline. The best way to learn long range shooting is guidance from qualified, professional instructors in friendly surroundings. The staff at Professional Marksmen Inc. would like to pass on the knowledge we have acquired throughout the years in target shooting, hunting, and tactical environments. Each of these environments is unique and differs in their own individual ways. Our courses address each separately, touching on the distinct aspects that make them so enjoyable.

Professional Marksmen Inc. is led by Jon Weiler, who had previously developed Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Inc.’s training program, which includes Barrett Long Range Basics, Barrett Tactical Long Range, and the Barrett Armorer Course. Jon has several years experience with long range shooting and remains on the cutting edge of the development of new products and techniques. Experience is the most important aspect in anything that you do and each of our instructors has the ability to teach based on previous experiences they have had in their shooting careers. Anyone can teach out of a book, we prefer to teach from our failures and successes.

Our overall goal at Professional Marksmen Inc. is to create a fun and creative learning environment that will leave students with a full understanding of the material covered. Students will also leave each class and take the entire course with them. Everything that we do is a perishable skill and reference material is critical in retaining what was learned in this short amount of time. The Professional Marksmen Inc. staff is always on call with questions and insights to what was taught and what was learned after the course is over. The learning never stops with anything that we apply ourselves to, and we are very interested in how our students are progressing with their shooting careers after the courses are over.

Professional Marksmen Inc. is also strong supporters of those defending our 2nd Amendment Rights. Education is vital in defending these rights and we at Professional Marksmen Inc. hope that we can do our part to help these organizations grow and educate current and future shooters on the joys of shooting.

We enjoy meeting new people from all walks of life. The best part of each course is the bonds made with others attending the class and the memories of each. What brings us all together is a common passion for shooting and we want to keep that passion growing. We invite you to come and spend some time with us at our prairie facilities. We hope to see you soon.

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