Preliminary Firearm Deer Hunting Season Figures

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Preliminary figures indicate 39,398 deer were taken during the 2001 regular firearm season, a hunter success rate of about 54 percent, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Karl Menzel, the Commission's big game specialist, said the actual hunter success rate was lower because permit holders in the Blue Southeast Unit were allowed to take a bonus deer with their permit.

The 2001 deer season totals were lower than last year's record harvest of 43,202 deer and 63 percent hunter success rate. Menzel said abnormally warm weather during the 2001 season probably contributed to the lower harvest figures and in some areas the lower deer harvest may be the result of loses due to epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD). Success in the Blue Southeast Unit declined probably due to lower deer numbers as a result of on- going efforts of biologists to reduce the number of deer in that area through increased hunting pressure.

This year's deer harvest totals were down in each of the state's management units except for the Buffalo, Frenchman, Keya Paha and Loup West units where the harvest was about the same as during last year's season.


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I find it surprising that a

I find it surprising that a state as large as Nebraska kills so few deer when other states fairly close such as Minnesota killed over 200,000 in the same year. It just shows how much difference the different types of habitat can make on herd populations. Even so it looks like these are some record years for Nebraska and with a success rate of 54% they are doing a pretty good job of it.