Preference Point Error on Refund Check Stubs

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Moose and bighorn sheep hunters who have applied every year since the preference point system began in 1995, are alerted they indeed have accrued 10 preference points – not zero as printed on their refund check stub.

The checks, received by 1,749 hunters who have applied since 1995, should read “10” points but the “1” was omitted when the check stubs were printed and the preference point total just reads “0”. All other preference point totals shown on the check stubs are correct.

The G&F will be sending a letter to all 1,749 hunters officially notifying them they indeed have accrued 10 preference points.

Seventy-five percent of Wyoming’s highly-sought after moose and bighorn sheep licenses are issued to applicants with the highest number of preference points.

Hunters with questions are encouraged to call the G&F at (800) 842-1934.