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Fair Chase and Advanced Technology
The Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP) has posted a notice to hunters using advanced technology while hunting. Specifically, two way radios, cell phones, motion detectors, or night vision equipment are illegal "to assist in tracking big game animals or in running them to another hunter positioned nearby". The FWP has seen an increase in the use of such technology in recent years and gives a phone number to report violations witnessed in the field. The FWP also notes that using such technology for "safety and communication" while hunting is legal.
Decision Upholds Hunting Program at Lake Shelbyville
Illinois Department of Natural Resources Director Brent Manning today hailed the decision of a federal judge upholding hunting and trapping programs managed by the Department at Wolf Creek State Park and Shelbyville State Fish and Wildlife Area at Lake Shelbyville in central Illinois.
Governor Declares National Hunting and Fishing Day
Each day, 71 million Americans are working to conserve and improve our natural resources. They are America's hunters and anglers. Governor Roy Barnes recently signed a proclamation endorsing Saturday, Sept. 22 as National Hunting & Fishing (NHF) Day in Georgia. This year marks the 30th annual observance of this special day and plans are underway for a nationwide celebration. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) has over 30 activities, including kids fishing events, sight-in days at shooting ranges and hunting/fishing demonstrations, planned across the state and encourages everyone who loves the outdoors to attend one - and be sure to bring a friend!
Increased License Fees Proposed
The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is faced with a tough decision. The costs for maintaining important wildlife and fishing programs are beginning to outpace the revenue coming in to pay for the programs. To keep up with the cost of providing fish and wildlife services, the DNR is proposing an increase in license fees that would be implemented in 2002. Resident hunting, fishing and trapping license fees were last raised in 1988.
Hunting and Fishing License Fees Increased
The Iowa Legislature passed a bill (HF 720) to increase hunting and fishing license fees and sent it to Governor Tom Vilsack for consideration. The bill primarily increases fees for people living outside of Iowa, but it also includes provisions that will make it a little more costly for Iowans to hunt and fish in this state. Licenses to hunt and fish in Iowa have cost the same since 1992.