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Utah Changing Hunting Regions Into Smaller Hunting Units in 2012

In 2011, Utah's general buck deer hunt will run very much like it did in 2010. There is one big change, though—the rifle buck deer hunt will run for nine days.

While the changes for 2011 are relatively small, the changes for 2012 are huge.

Starting in 2012, general deer hunting will happen within smaller hunting areas called units. Currently, the general hunt happens within five larger regions.

Members of the Utah Wildlife Board approved the 2012 deer hunting changes by a 4-2 vote at their meeting on Dec. 2, 2010.

Utah Considers Coyote Trapping Change

After a trapper sets a trap to catch a coyote, when should he be required to visit the trap again to see if he caught anything?

That's a question you can help answer at a series of public meetings.

Currently, trappers in Utah must check all of their foothold traps within 48 hours of setting them. Lethal traps, such as neck snares, must be checked once every 96 hours.

An idea that's being proposed would lengthen both of those times to seven days.

Oregon FWC Supports Park Fees at State Wildlife Areas

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission indicated support for an expanded parking fee program at state wildlife areas, but asked ODFW staff to make some minor adjustments to the rule language before making a final decision at its next meeting.

ODFW staff had proposed a three-year rollout of a plan to expand the parking fee currently in place at Sauvie Island to include other popular wildlife areas.

Arkansas GFC Says Sheffield Nelson Misleading Public

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission released historical commission documents that show former commission Chairman Sheffield Nelson was involved in efforts to adopt new administrative procedures when he served at the agency. Nelson has filed suit against the commission claiming its attempts to alter the state rules are illegal.

Yukon FWMB Reviewing Wolf Management Plan

The Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board (YFWMB) and Environment Yukon are jointly conducting a review of the territory's Wolf Conservation and Management Plan to find out what values and ecological conditions have changed since it was released in 1992.

"Through the review process, we hope interested parties will learn about the measures in place to manage Yukon wolves that recognize wolves and their prey are integral parts of Yukon ecosystems," Environment Minister John Edzerza said.

Washington DFW Considering Lead Tackle Restrictions

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission is scheduled to consider restrictions on the use of lead fishing tackle at 13 lakes with nesting loons during a meeting scheduled Dec. 2-4 in Olympia.

In addition, the commission will hold public hearings on changes to Puget Sound crab fishing regulations, management alternatives for bottomfish in Catch Area 4B (western Strait of Juan de Fuca), and several other proposed changes to sportfishing rules in Washington.

Montana Considering 2011 Nonresident Combination Hunt License Changes

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking comment on the proposed 2011 nonresident combination hunting license annual rule.

With the recent voter approved ballot Initiative 161, which eliminated guaranteed big game hunting licenses for nonresidents who hunt with outfitters and increased the cost of some licenses, the new law affects FWP's annual rule for the sale of nonresident combination hunting licenses.

New Hampshire Holding Public Meeting About Furbearer Rules

A public hearing about proposed rules affecting the importation and possession of alligators, crocodiles and bison, as well as clarifying the rules on furbearer hunting, is set for Thursday, December 16, 2010, at 3:00 p.m. at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, N.H.

Fish and Game is proposing to:

Michigan DNR-NRC Approves Changes to Spring Turkey Hunt Regulations

The Natural Resources Commission approved a couple of changes to spring turkey regulations designed to offer more opportunity to more hunters while still providing a high-quality hunting experience.

A total of 114,290 licenses (49,290 general licenses and 65,000 private-land-only licenses) will be available. Approximately 56,433 square miles of Michigan will be open to turkey hunters in the 2011 spring season.

In the Upper Peninsula, Hunt Unit M now incorporates the entire U.P., including Bois Blanc Island, which was previously in Hunt Unit J.

Hawai'i Continues Hearings for Amendments to Hunting Regs

The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) is continuing to hold statewide public hearings this week and next, for Hawai'i Administrative Rule (HAR) amendments to update Chapters 13-122 and 123, hunting rules for game birds and game mammals.